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About Dewey

Born in a farm house and growing up in the Shenandoah Valley provided Dewey with many experiences that formed his memories so vivid that he is able to depict them in his paintings. Without listing everything, basically, Dewey’s work life journey started by being a farm laborer, pin setter in a bowling alley, building construction laborer, grocery customer assistant, four-year professional baseball player, two-year Army enlisted, painter for Publix Super Markets and then Funkouser’s Striping Service in Lakeland FL from 1959 until he sold his business in 1992.  However, he still operates a parking lot marking business in NC where he and his wife (Penny of 58 yrs) lives.


Dewey has a love for many hobbies, including flying, getting his private pilot’s licenses in the 1970s and flying out of a small grass airstrip nicknamed “The Pig Patch”. There he made friends with people who also loved flying as a hobby. His personal airplane was an Interstate Cadet which is a rare find considering only 320 were produced.


In the 1980s, Dewey and Penny visited friends in Kentucky and fell in love with the Marion area. He found a 350-acre farm that was for sale and decided to escape the Florida heat and head to the hills. It took him a year to build his house in Kentucky before Penny (coming from Lakeland) joined him. Being the third house he had designed and built, Dewey had studied building over the years honing the equal to that of an educated architect or engineer. Dewey continues to paint his memories of a life of opportunity that he created for himself. The word “no” doesn’t slow him down , but only seems to be a word of encouragement for him. Penny, his beautiful daughter (Celeste) and his special son (Shad) always supported anything Dewey tried.


An artist, author, actor, inventor, pilot, engineer, builder, creative designer, and family man are only a few words that describe Dewey Funkhouser. There is no one else in the United States named Dewey Funkhouser and there is no other person that comes close to his uniqueness.


Enjoy the website and feel free to contact Dewey.

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