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Just A Bit of Boutilier Paradise

Just A Bit of Boutilier Paradise

Daddy Always Flew With Them

Daddy Always Flew With Them

The Old Folks Died Off, But Tiny _Vivian_ Still Looks Over The Property

The Old Folks Died Off, But Tiny "Vivian" Still Looks Over The Property

A Good Day.  Dad, Midge And My Red-Banded High Tops

A Good Day. Dad, Midge and My Red Banded High Tops

Florida Cracker Lives With Her Honey

Squeakie's Children

I Heard And Saw It Go Down ~~ P-51 Mustang, 1944

Florida Heat Makes Wild Hogs Vicious

Yes, You're Painted, That's For Sure

Ahh, Shut Thu Hell Up

Mr. Grits

Clouds Part, Alpha Buck Glows

Jackhammering Holes For Dynamiting, Winchester, VA - 1949

Loading Timothy At Mr. Humston's - 1947

A Place For An Introvert

My Life, Their Life, Our Life, 1955, Lakeland, Florida


Gabriel Heatter

More Empty With Each Shovel-Full

Well Damn! Come On Slow Pokes

Goatsville - Population 6

Watch Us Go

Nineteen Fifties Florida Memories Not Forgotten

Still Consumed With Old Florida

I Have To Digest This

Territorial War

Fauquier, VA

A Bright Edinburg Days

Moonshining Isn't The Only Activity In Them There Hills

I Shouldn't Have Crossed The Massanutten

I'm Home, But Emotional

Pitt County Is Cotton-Picking Good

Rattlesnakes Love Page Mountain

Page Mountain Not Lit Yet

Just ONE Way Trump Is Making Nazi/America Great Again

My Memories

Collusion, But Not Treason

Damn! Too Far To Shelter

Privacy? Yes. Quiet? No.

Sunday Is Serpent Day

Why Yes, I Love Golf


Nature's Mutation System Malfunction

White Lightning

Mr. Softie

Yea, You Get The Mouse, I'll Take Mr. Snake

Born And Trapped In This Cold, Lonely Place

You Son Of A Bitch

Do I Go There?

In The Still Of The Night

Aren't I Just Special

Hanging Out

Mexican Rabbit Cuisine

Squawking, Pecking, Characters

South Of The Border, Down Mexico Way

Squeakie's Sky

On The Lookout

Saying Goodbye After A Short Visit

Cattle Drive

America Is Dumbed Down, And Doesn't Want To Be Smarter

I'll Stick To Farming, And Gladly Pay Him

Yes, We Know You Have A Beach House

No Playmate Yet, Momma Is In Protection Mode, Think Horns!

I Like Stone Houses

On The Rocks, Please

It's Mine, No, It's Mine

Let Him Run

Fort Trump

If You Have It, Flaunt It

Water! Water!

Stop Teasing That Anxious Boy

Giant Cypress - A Beacon For Wildlife

Shenandoah Valley

Yes, It's Beautiful, Mosquitos Think So Also

Eagle Country

I See Prairie Rattlers

Now You're In A Fix

Don't Do Business With Relatives Or Friends

I Picked Up Social Skills At The Palmyra Orchard

Colors Fighting For Attention

No, Giddy-Up-And-Go Today, Sonnie Boy

Lonesome Kansas

Late! We Eat Better Anyway!

Mother Kept Us Clean With Lye Soap

Re-Playing The Game At Stoneburner's Filling Station

Oh No! Now We Can't Escape The Abuse!

Florida Crackers Going For The Green

Daily Scene At The Stable

I Got You Home, But I'm Glad You Can't See

Civil Air Patrol

Squeakie Might Have Given The Captain A Stiff Drink

A Pipe Smoker, We're Safe

I Said That You Should Mount The Spare, But NO!

An Indigo Bunting's World

Nut Heads Say We Can't Ruin This, Just Pray!

Damn! And Here Comes Big John Breathing Fire

Little Joe Likes To Be In The Traffic Flow, But Mom...

Dad Loved Us And Our Help

Dive, My Young One, DIVE!

Mother, I Saw A Noisy Bird

Just A Touch of Ichepuckesassa

Bertha Bullet Motoring To Albany

God Damn Snake Bit Me

Hang On Little Feller

The Swamp Buzzer

Fox Stole The Chicken, But We Ate It

A Peek Into The World

Upsetting Bible Thumpers

Great White Heron Country

South Fork Fireballer

Belittling The Belittlers...Days of Sensibility

Hey Mother, I'm Home

She Could Do It All

How Pure And Clear The Air Is After The Rain

Ha, Ha! I'm Higher

Yes, There Is One Like That

Pick It Out, Melvin

Tolo, KY

Yankee Country

Crossroads Marks A Lonely Spot

Tennis Keeps Us Together

Waiting, He Will Show Up

Doug (Red) Hawkins

Empty Chair, She Is Gone Forever

Their World

Murder In The Magnolias

Peterson's Place

My Golf Course

Sunday Morning Fly-In At The Pig Patch

Dream? NO! You're In The American Insane Asylum, Inc.

Where's Your Heart?

Wish We Could Drive

Train Time In Simpson

Nature Is The Stimulator

The Shenandoah Valley Story

Wish I Could Afford A Car

Pouch Won't Catch Them

Where Are The '58 Chevrolet Impalas?

Some Gossip, Some News

Dog Days At The Old Mill

Texas Justice

Pat On Track

Everything Is At Atavola

Simpson's Lonely Long Needle Pine

There Is A Lot Of Me In That House

New England And Fall Can Make You Feel Very Clean

Pure As The Morning Air

Open The Gate At Ichepuckesassa

My Florida Swamp

I Love Our Dead Home

Clark's Powerhouse

It Is Life


Toddler Happy, Piglets Happy, Sow Angry, Granddaddy Horrified!!

Gooney Bird Battles Mosquitos

They'll Tear You Up, Chatters

I'll Lick His Face!

Daddy, They Are Bringing The New Stove

Are We Alone On This Beach?

Storm Over Tampa

Love Rides The Rails

Could This Be Seventh Heaven?

Without Water, But Push On

What Does The Fox Say?

Old Red

Trouble In America

Tenth Street House And Now That Beautiful Oak Is Gone

Someone Always Messing With Me

Pitt County Homecoming

Peewee's House

I Shot At One Over Yonder

Ha! Ha! Come Get Me

Florida Cracker Trying To Make A Buck

Mass, USA

Colonel Chickenwing

Celeste And Champ

America, Please Come Back

A Pure Morning And They Know It

My Days Are Gone

Gone Soon

I Hear The Crows

I Won't Hurt You

On The Job At Daylight

They Do Fall


About Time You Showed Up

What Next?

My Eyes Are On You

Coffield Creek

Our Favorite Fishing Hole

My Favorite Account

Dad And I Stuffing Our Faces Under The Mulberry Tree

You Haven't Paid Your Rent

Moisture Watching Over The Neighborhood

Watch The Batmen-They'll Get You On

Snowed In

Just Together At Lake Agnes

Jimmy Hammered The Car Window And He Is Hiding Under The Henhouse

Magnificent Frigate Bird

Fifty! Fifty! Crank It Up! Kamikaze On Your Tail!

Ella, Gypsies Are Heading Our Way

Moved To Detroit, Looking For Work

Art For Sky Lovers Like Me

That Cliff? Naah, It's For Goats

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